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  • Starling Studio (formerly Hummingbird) 107 Havelock Road, Fiveways, Brighton, East Sussex, BN16GL (map)

New Art & Meditation course starting Tues 12th November in Brighton at the newly refurbished STARLING STUDIO (formerly Hummingbird Studio). TUESDAYS 6.30-8.30pm6.30-8.30pm 

Drop in or  4 or 5 week block booking options - £25// 4wk £80 or 5wk £95

Exploring creative practise and breathwork, observation of flowers and nature, the inspiration and effects of music, mandalas and working devotionally. 

BOOK HERE Or email for enquiries.

12 Nov - Week 1. Art Meditation & The Influence of Breathwork

It all starts with the breath. Every traditional system in every culture has a practise of breath work, it's the first and foremost link to the life force and nervous system.  We will practise some simple techniques to energise and also to bring us into quiet stillness, experimenting with before and after art work so you see the difference and power of breath work on your attention and imagination.

19 Nov - Week 2. Art Meditation & The Observation of Flowers

When we observe nature, the mind quietens. The form and harmony of flowers can influence how we feel and calm the nervous system. Attention is brought in. They bring so many feelings and associations into awareness, and like flower essences, they have healing characteristics. Some people report getting warm cheeks whilst drawing.

26 Nov - Week 3. Art Meditation & The Inspiration of Music

There are so many benefits of Music for the mind, body and soul. We will look at artists who used music to influence their work, and listen to different pieces of music with different rhythms and moods and gently playfully and powerfully see how it inspires and in forms our art work and effects our whole being. 

3 Dec - Week 4. Art Meditation & The Practise of the Mandala

Everyday Carl Jung mystic and psychotherapist would paint a mandala as a self diagnostic tool. The mandala is very much a tool for both devotion, intention, stillness and meditation and when drawn with consciousness they can be very healing and helpful and bring you into inspiring calm mindfulness.

10 Dec. Week 5. Art Meditation. & The Power of Devotion

When you devote your creative practise to something, your focus and attention are different, and the heart opens. We will work in a number of ways of using art with intention, enquiry, reproduction of other images we are inspired by, and also how to draw/paint something or someone you are in devotion to.  This is a deeply moving practise.

Facilitated by Eleanor Darley

Eleanor is founder of a new venture The School of Botanical Arts which is based on the acknowledgment of the medicinal properties of plants, and their effects on us physically and emotionally. Her work extends to teaching, counselling and facilitating art and creativity workshops for groups, or one to one. Trained in anthroposophical art therapy, she also practises as a transpersonal art counsellor, specialising working with plants and ecology.

Earlier Event: September 27
Later Event: March 3