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I like plants as my muse - plants and their environments, and the medicine or message they imbue. They bring me an aliveness and a relationship that goes beyond intuition or instinct, which forms and transforms my art work. From the encounter, I am also left changed by their character, and usually restored in some way.


My work extends to teaching, counselling and facilitating art and creativity workshops for groups, or one to one. Trained in anthroposophical art therapy, I also practise as a transpersonal art counsellor. I like to specialise working with plants and ecology.

I have facilitated transformative art programmes in the UK and in Mexico, and worked consulting internationally. My background merges years of PR and event management, teaching, creative facilitation, and a deep immersion into the traditional Mexican philosophies of nature-based awareness. This has been a 15 year practise understanding rituals and different natural methods to bring healing and balance - one of the greatest of these being a way to acknowledge there can be communication or synergy with the plants growing around us, and the spirit of a place. This for me has helped create a healthy practise of creativity, connection and self enquiry - and beautiful discoveries.

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