Hawthorn and Elderflower Flower Essences - Early Summer Queens of the Heart and Sky

A little word on how flower essences work, emotions and an introduction to two Queen trees who have touched me in the last two weeks - The Hawthorn - may blossom, and The Elder - elderflower. 

We all know we are more than the physical body. The simplest confirmation of this is our inner world, the place that feels, or thinks or wants to act… Flower essences reach into that inner place which we know instinctively is full of energy - it links to our health, our body, our life, our choices and experiences.

What’s so incredible is the essences work with the energetics of this inner world and reflect the qualities of what we need - teaching us how to feel, not shut off feelings or symptoms like many medicines, but they bring us back to a place where we can see, feel, name emotions and include them in our awareness - this is the alchemical path. And as we are full of all sorts of emotions, feelings, thoughts, desires, traumas, passions how lucky we are that the purity of the plant, it’s own characteristics and essence that matches the right personality picture, the right emotional picture, just right for you, right now - how lucky that this can bring consciousness, calm, clarity and movement or change to some of how we express ourselves or some of what comes to us through fate, back to a place of balance. They help us to see the blind spots, or the part we need to integrate if we have lost touch with something.

Hawthorn ~ May 14th in the woods in Sussex

We set the intention of making a Hawthorn essence out in the woods in Spring sunshine with a group of parents and co-workers from The Woodland Project, facilitated by Circle of Life Rediscovery in Vert Woods, Sussex, which provides days out in nature for families who have a child with a severe physical or learning disability.  Everyone spoke of needing nourishment, time for loving connection, deep recognition from others and just stopping to see, feel, rest and enjoy. After a morning of planting trees, connecting to the Hawthorn, drawing plants, making elderflower pancakes and sitting together - everybody was able to articulate the essence of the day which was love, gratitude and connection - the simplest aspects of the heart, which was sensed in the plant.

Hawthorn is an all round heart remedy -  it’s a balm for deep hurt, remorse, and it restores love, trust and compassion. In the restoration, you t feel the fullness of your heart, and those you are in relationship with - so no matter the hurt Hawthorn helps you get to the heart of the matter! It’s also so beautiful for loss, grief, womb work; gently repairing, restoring faith in love and connection.

Elderflower ~ May 25th in a garden in the Mendips

My project The School of Botanical Arts teamed up with herbalist Belle Benfield to run a day of Drawing the Medicine of Our Gardens near Bristol. We drank the elderflower tea, and took time to really observe the plant and how it felt in our bodies, through drawing and free writing - and then we made the essence. 

Elderflower spoke to us in the upper senses and respiratory system, feeling her in our crowns, you could smell her on the air, and we sensed her in the recovery of vital forces, a feeling for renewal, rejuvenation and as an emotional decongestant. Ahh and to breathe some relief from stagnant heavy emotions, or the desire for perfection. She promotes feelings of inner security, rebuilding joy and resilience, a sense of trust and optimism after the integration of shadow sides and a surrender knowing all will be well. She is definitely a Queen of tenacity, perseverance, inner beauty and full blooming energy.

If anyone would like one of these essences, please see here or contact me at artsbotanical@gmail.com

Eleanor Darley